I participate in the World Cup Inhalation

How to officially participate?

Take your smartphone or tablet and record a video of yourself where you try to breathe in for as long as possible.

Do you want to have a chance to participate in the final? Then keep this in mind:

  • Keep your face in view all the time during inhalation.
  • You can hear that when you breathe in, it must be audible. You make this sound yourself when you inhale or you use a whistle that makes a sound when you  breathe in.
  • There is at least 1 hospital attribute in the picture: stethoscope, doctor's coat, thermometer, wheelchair, etc.

Be creative, get more likes and win the audience prize!

We select 8 finalists who can inhale the longest and 8 finalists for the audience prize who can participate in the final of the World Cup in September!

Read the full competition rules here.

You can submit your video until 24/08/2019.

I participate



Only to be completed by hospital staff:

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