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"We challenge ourselves continuously to pinpoint procedures in the medical sector in need of refinement. Every day, we come up with solutions to improve the quality of care".

The Lab is Oxypoint's own testing room, where innovation with an emotional connection takes place.

O2COMFORT disrupts oxygen therapy, that remained unchanged over the past 100 years. It's just as simple as a mechanical tap in the wall of each patient room. Generations of medical and nursing staff were accustomed to the continuous stream of oxygen using a traditional flowmeter. This resulted in unpleasant side effects for the patients and a waste of oxygen.

Oxypoint has transformed that in 2011. As a spin-off of the University of Antwerp, we developed a new method for oxygen therapy. The comfort mode of the Oxypoint O2COMFORT ensures that a dose of oxygen is only administered during inhalation. Nobody inhales continuously, right?

innovatieve zuurstoftherapie met Oxypoint

Innovative added value with an eye for emotional connection.

"Innovation runs through our veins. But what makes Oxypoint truly an odd duck?  The emotional connection with every stakeholder!  Implementing the Oxypoint O2COMFORT flowmeter in hospitals requires behavioural change. That's why we developed the 'oxygen for the team' trajectory, a combination of training and team building. The game element increases the interaction and the positive energy. This makes the essence (how to use oxygen meter correctly) linger! " Philip Hendrickx



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O2MATE: our latest innovation

In November 2019, we presented the prototype of our latest innovation: the Oxypoint O2MATE at the Medicabeurs in Dusseldorf. This digital device registers the patient's breathing. This data is automatically linked to other vital parameters. Through smart data analysis, the medical professional can use a software platform to monitor the patient even better. We are currently still working on improving the prototype. The next step is to set up research projects in hospitals and involve some user testing. We are looking forward to launch that product.

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This is the Lab, the testing ground of Oxypoint, where innovation with an emotional touch are deeply connected. 

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O2MATE smart patient campanion

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