Smart patient companion

The Oxypoint O2MATE prototype registers the patient’s breathing. These data can be automatically linked to other vital parameters measured by external wearables and sensors. Through smart data analysis performed via our dedicated software platform, the medical professional can follow up the patient even better and more easily. Result: less administration and workload and higher quality of care. The Oxypoint O2MATE also contains a digital flowmeter for oxygen therapy. All this makes the Oxypoint O2MATE a smart patient companion bringing substantial advantages for patient and hospital even when oxygen is not being administered.

Monitoring breathing

The Oxypoint O2MATE prototype registers the patient's breathing allowing the continuous measurement of a set of parameters. The technical parameters are the delivered flow and the total consumption. In addition, the device can also measure and monitor patient-related parameters, such as pressure and flow rate of the breathing cycle and the respiratory rate. These parameters are logged automatically and can be saved in the electronic patient records (EPR) via the software platform of the Oxypoint O2MATE.

O2MATE, a smart patient companion

Combination with wearables

The Oxypoint O2MATE prototype can also be linked to neighbouring sensors such as wearables or other devices that measure vital parameters. This information is automatically integrated into the data streams. The data is processed by smart algorithms so that the results can be presented to the medical staff in different ways. This opens the door to tailor-made therapy: the patient's condition is monitored by the continuous measurement of relevant parameters. This way the effect of the therapy can be better and faster adjusted to the precise needs of the patient.

Smart patient companion

The Oxypoint O2MATE prototype also contains a digital flowmeter for oxygen therapy. As with the revolutionary Oxypoint O2COMFORT, the device contains a comfort mode that only delivers a dose of oxygen during inhalation. This comfort mode eliminates the nasty side effects of a continuous supply of oxygen for the patient and at the same time reduces waste.

  • Premium patient comfort
  • Optimal oxygen consumption
  • Lower infection risk
  • Automatically logged in patient record
  • Better therapy
  • Tailer-made therapy

Because of the combination with smart measuring devices that can be mounted on the oxygen connection, the Oxypoint O2MATE is a smart patient companion that continuously captures and registers. This ensures peace of mind for the nursing staff as the patient is monitored day and night. More accurate measurements and better follow-up also lead to better therapy. Because the measurement results are logged automatically, this also reduces the workload in daily nursing sessions.

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