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O2NOME is not some futuristic device that gets you to the moon. It is the most important way to ensure optimal mobile oxygen therapy for patients, hospital staff and oxygen suppliers. Cedric Van Steenkiste, Product Developer at Oxypoint since 2016, talks about his graduation project. O2NOME is a smart service that gives hospitals more autonomy when it comes to oxygen supplies. The story began with just a few sketches and a healthy interest in MedTech. But the project grew, winning the Paul Verhaert innovation award and earning 200 000 euros of European grants.

How did the idea grow?

Cedric: “Oxypoint contacted the Product Development degree programme, looking for a student to help out with certain visualizations. And I volunteered! Our first meeting quickly became an interesting conversation on oxygen therapy and opportunities for innovation in the field. The seed for O2NOME got planted then and there. With the help of Oxypoint, I decided to make the idea my graduation project?


innovatieve zuurstoftherapie met Oxypoint

Why innovate in the medical field?

Cedric: “Health care is like a playground for innovation. Innovation can change people’s lives. I find it odd that the medical field often gets stuck in obsolete routines and protocols. Things could be way more efficient. To break the status quo, we need to bring product developers, hospital stakeholders and researchers together. To validate assumptions, optimize situations and really help people.”

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How did the O2NOME development process go?

Cedric: “Over the past 2 years O2NOME was the subject of a Crosscare subsidized programme in Flanders and The Netherlands. The O2NOME got validated in several hospitals (both domestic and foreign). Adaptations were made during cocreation sessions at testing grounds like Licalab (BE) and Slimmer Leven (NL). It was very important to map the problem thoroughly and validate it. We identified key problems such as chaotic logistics, heavy workload for staff and a waste of oxygen. O2NOME offers a solution to these problems with a total package of smart oxygen bottles, a central filling installation, stock units in the hospital wards and a global software platform.

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"Data communication ensures that the location and use of oxygen bottles can be monitored. An innovative interface on the bottles gives hospital staff the possibility to quickly read how much oxygen is left. The smart bottles also weigh a lot less than current models. Both ensure an optimal user experience. In addition, the optimization of oxygen administering forms the base of the concept. The Oxypoint technology integrated in the smart oxygen bottles is the key factor in the O2NOME story. Oxygen is optimally used, and the patient’s and staff’s comfort is highly prioritized. We got some amazing feedback.”

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How does O2NOME’s future look like?

Cedric: “During this CrossCare programme we came to the conclusion that there’s a logical intermediate step closer to home. While O2NOME focuses on the mobile part (oxygen bottles), the technology could also offer opportunities for stationary oxygen therapy (flow meters). It opens the door to an optimized monitoring of patients through vital parameters. Stationary oxygen therapy is of course Oxypoint’s forte. Fueled by that knowledge of application, O2MATE saw the light of day."

O2NOME zuurstofinnovatieconcept van Oxypoint

The Oxypoint O2MATE is not a usual flow meter, it’s a smart patient companion: not only can it administer oxygen in a smart way, it also registers the patient’s breathing pattern and saves the data in the patient’s electronic file. Connecting it to wearables and sensors also makes it possible to register and save other vital parameters. The accompanying software platform enables smart data analysis. Medical professionals are better equipped to monitor patients and make decisions.


  • less paperwork,
  • lower work pressure
  • better care.

O2MATE’s intelligence will be meticulously integrated in O2NOME."

Discover the Smart Patient Companion

O2MATE toekomst van zuurstoftherapie

Working at Oxypoint doesn’t sound like a regular job.

"After our intense collaboration during my master project, I got pretty close with the Oxypoint team. When they offered me a job, I said yes in heartbeat. The Oxypoint technology fascinates me. I’m thrilled to make adjustments every day with this team. We’re building a future for health care, and that’s a great source of energy for me.”

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cedric oxypoint productontwikkelaar
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