Oxygen for the hospital

Oxygen for the hospital

our training approach for sustainable correct use

Oxygen therapy is a basic treatment at the hospital. Generations of medical and nursing staff are used to the continuous delivery of oxygen using a traditional flowmeter that has barely changed over the last 100 years.

Our O2COMFORT flowmeter breaks this routine with the choice of a comfort mode. This option offers comfort for the patient and nothing but benefits for the hospital if the device is used correctly. That is why we opt for a special approach that brings training and team building together.

Breaking habits with team spirit

Oxypoint breaks the routine with the choice for the comfort mode. To support this change, we train the nursing staff to not only understand the operating principle and experience the benefits of the device, but also to address the team spirit and thus strengthen the learning curve.

This learning trajectory runs for four weeks in the departments where the devices are present, whereby we arrive on site three times: at the start, halfway and at the end. As the process progresses, the team rises from level 1 to level 4, expressed in 4 oxygen badges.

The team can reach a higher level by completing simple team challenges, such as taking a group photo that shows where the group itself gets oxygen from. This game element increases interaction and positive energy, so that the essence lingers better: the correct use and being able to help patients with a clear explanation and targeted action.

A simple concept that is very effective.

oxygen badges during the training of our O2COMFORT devices

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