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World champion Inhalation Niki De Prijcker went up in the air

On Sunday 8 September the final of the World Championship Inhalation took place at the Balloon Festival in Sint-Niklaas. After an exciting competition, Niki De Prijcker from Belsele was named world champion inhaling with a record of 15.37 seconds. In this way Oxypoint draws the attention of the general public for better oxygen therapy in hospitals, which is still used in many hospitals to the same extent as it was 100 years ago.

The longest breath

The final of the world championship took place on Sunday 8 September during the Peace Festivals in Sint-Niklaas. No better place to call attention to oxygen therapy than at the balloon festival, which took place at the same time, and where dozens of hot-air balloons took off from the Grote Markt. One of the lucky ones who was allowed to go in the air was Niki De Prijcker, the winner of the World Cup. "I play didgeridoo, so I know how to keep my breath under control. But it was exciting!", says the fresh world champion. He won an exclusive balloon flight for two and an air-purifying plant.

Awareness for oxygen therapy

More than 350.000 patients in Belgian hospitals receive oxygen therapy every year, making it one of the most common therapies in the hospital. However, the way in which oxygen is administered has hardly changed in the last 100 years. And Oxypoint wants to change this.

Innovation in oxygen therapy

"Doctors and nurses often do not realize how annoying it is to get oxygen in the nose in the traditional way," says Philip Hendrickx, who founded Oxypoint 7 years ago as a spin-off from the University of Antwerp.

"Traditional oxygen therapy causes the nose to dry out, which can lead to irritation, scabbing, nose bleeds and headaches. That's because oxygen is delivered continuously, both upon inhalation and exhalation," said Hendrickx. Together with his team, he developed an innovative flowmeter where, in addition to continuous oxygen supply, you can also opt for a dose of oxygen only when inhaled. This provides more comfort for the patient and optimum oxygen consumption for the hospital. "A win-win for patients, the hospital and the environment", explains Hendrickx.

Ready to conquer Europe

In Belgium, Oxypoint has already sold more than 3.000 devices to 25 hospitals. Last year Oxypoint announced that, following a capital injection, sales activities would be geographically expanded and a new generation of products developed. With promising results in 6 European countries and the launch of a digital device at the end of this year, Oxypoint is already reaching cruising speed.

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