Philip gives a demo to Hanne Decoutere

Philip keynote speaker on the "Healthcare & Life Science" debate

Philip was invited to present the entrepreneurial story of Oxypoint on the road show “Upcycle your business transformation” in the beautiful ING office Metropool. Philip took a knee for the charming Hanne Decoutere, presenter VRT news, to give her a demonstration of Oxypoint’s O2COMFORT Oxygen Flowmeter with comfort mode.

The main focus of the event was health & life science, so Oxypoint’s innovative technology fitted perfectly. Philip thanked the government for its support through awarded innovation and growth subsidies, and for the powerful network of VLAIO, Innovation Center, PMV, FIT, which puts a lever on performance. A nice wish for young entrepreneurs would be when customers such as hospitals would receive a direct subsidy for the use of groundbreaking technology. Clients who are motivated to buy innovative solutions would certainly be a strong incentive for the entrepreneurial landscape.

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