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Philip about Oxypoint’s latest innovation: the smart patient companion

Oxypoint raised 3.8 million euros in capital in March 2018 to internationalize and digitize. "We are more than a year and a half later: how are things?", The Voka magazine Ondernemers wanted to know. Great timing for an interview, just before the start of Medica and Arab Health, the largest medical equipment exhibitions in Düsseldorf and Dubai, where Oxypoint will show its youngest innovation to the world: O2MATE, the smart patient companion.


“Our current O2COMFORT flowmeter is a purely pneumatic system. In the meantime, we have developed a number of digital prototypes of a new device, O2MATE. Thanks to these devices and the associated software platform, Oxypoint can break beyond the limits of oxygen therapy. By automatically recording the vital parameters of the patient and applying smart data analysis, O2MATE can not only considerably reduce the administrative burden for the nursing staff, replace the uncertainty of the 'blackbox' with real-time data, but also offer oxygen therapy that is specifically tailored to the department or the patient. O2MATE will be the first oxygen therapy device to offer significant benefits to both patient and hospital, even when no oxygen is being administered. In summary, you can state that we will rapidly evolve from smart oxygen therapy to devices that, as a "smart patient companion", constantly monitor the patient's state of health. Moreover, this digitization offers the possibility to observe trends that support doctors in their diagnosis," says Hendrickx.

Read the entire interview here (in Dutch).

For more information about O2MATE, follow this website or contact us.

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