The Flemish agency Ondernemen grants Oxypoint a growth subsidy

Oxypoint is happy with Flemish government’s positive decision to assign growth subsidies

Oxypoint is blij met de positieve beslissing van het Agentschap Ondernemen voor Groeisubsidie

2017 will be a tipping point for Oxypoint. In 2017, the company will be turned around from a single-product start-up with a small team selling into the local market (Flanders), to a scale-up with a larger team offering a range of products in a hybrid product/service model. This has far-reaching impact on all aspects of business operations and business processes. Fortunately, the Flemish government supports healthy innovative projects with growth potential. Government support not only comes financially in the shape of grants, but also with substantial associated services and specialists to ensure that the transition happens smoothly.

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