Our clients talk about working with the Econo-Comfort O2 Flowmeter.

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Tom Verbist

Head nurse Intensive Care
AZ Monica

The Intensive Care units are the most difficult departments within the AZ Monica hospital. If these systems were rubbish, they would have been returned to my desk after one week already. Meanwhile, they have been functioning for more than one year already and they are user-friendly. Now, we don’t need to close the oxygen valves anymore whenever the patients are being transferred and we are glad that we don’t need to moisten as much as we used to do. Overall, we are very satisfied with the systems as well as with the sympathetic and enthusiastic Oxypoint team members who provided the trainings.


Stefaan Van Assche

Head nurse geriatrics
AZ Monica

The systems are user-friendly. After having attended Oxypoint’s training sessions, almost everyone immediately knows how to use them.

Xavier Lefever

Head nurse medicine
AZ Alma Eeklo

One of the greatest advantages of the system is that it automatically closes when the patients or the medical auxiliaries take off the nasal cannula. In the past, many valves remained open, as a result of which lots of costly medical oxygen was lost. If you give the patients the right explanations, they’ll understand the long-term advantages, which can only increase their comfort.


Magali Nys

Head nurse surgery
RZ Tienen

It’s very practical that the valves can simply stay open in comfort mode, because they will automatically close when the logistic assistants will come get the patients for their medical examination. This allows a substantial waste reduction.


Linda Schevenels

Head nurse surgery
RZ Tienen

After the short training session during which everyone got the opportunity to personally experience all of the system’s functions and advantages, the system has quickly been established. Another positive aspect of this implementation was the appropriate follow-up session during which we’ve had the opportunity to ask additional questions. Each time again, some of the patients receiving oxygen by means of a comfort mode at home, are pleasantly surprised that they can also receive it in the hospital.


Annemie Vanhelmont

Head nurse internal
RZ Tienen

We notice that the patients prefer the new comfort therapy, because it doesn’t continuously blows in their nose. During the run-in period, we always start in comfort mode, as suggested by the Oxypoint protocol. After 2 months, you’ll create a new habit; before starting, you’ll see whether the comfort therapy will be suitable for the patient. If not, the classic oxygen therapy of the system will be used.


Joris Daems

Head nurse Pneumology
Jessa Hospital Hasselt

By interacting with Oxypoint, we started dealing more consciously with oxygen therapy. We have learned how to treat some of the patients more efficiently, as a result of which they can sometimes even leave the hospital faster.

In addition, the system’s memory function is more user-friendly, especially for the staff members dealing with the patient transport; they don’t need to worry about closing the oxygen valve anymore, because it happens automatically. The fact that the system can deliver +15 liters per minute in classic continuous mode and the large, clearly indicated scale for flow rates up to 5 liters per minute are other great advantages.


Xavier Van Vlasselaer

Head nurse cardiology
Heilig Hart Leuven

We have a young team and we are glad that we can work with the newest systems. Our team members like to embrace new developments allowing us to save energy as well as to reduce the ecological footprint and the costs for our hospital. Moreover, we really enjoyed working with the Oxypoint team. Together, we have drawn up a dedicated protocol for our department; the Oxypoint team is very reactive and helpful.

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