Technical specifications


Dimensions HxWxL: 20,1 x 4,8 x 6,4 cm
Weight 0,29 kg
Comfort mode  1,2,3,4,5 (Similar FiO2 to Continuous Flow Value)
Continuous Flow Range  0-15 l/min metered (20-24 l/min max flush flow)
Savings Ratio Up to 5,7:1
Trigger Method Negative inspiratory pressure from the patients inhalation
Operating Range Temperature: 1.7 °C to 40.6 °C               Altitude: Sea level to 3048 m
Storage Conditions Temperature: -40°C to 60 °C
Maximal humidity: 95% non-condensing
Outlet Fitting Fitting: DIN, AFNOR, BOC, Parkodex, CARBA, …
Configuration: Rail, T-configuration, …
Quality mark CE 0088

Advantages of the comfortmode

Oxypoint strives for improved patient comfort.

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Working principle

The Oxypoint Econo-Comfort O2 flowmeter is a hybrid system with a comfort mode as well as a continuous mode.

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Joris Daems,
Jessa Hospital Hasselt

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Scientific literature

Oxypoint introduces comfort O2-therapy to hospitals and makes the connection to the most relevant discoveries in the literature.

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About us

Oxypoint is the partner par excellence for the optimization of oxygen therapy in hospitals.



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