Advantages of the comfort mode


Improved patient comfort

Continuous (classical) O2-therapy causes dehydration and irritation of the nasal cavity which leads to local infections, nose bleed and in extreme cases will lead to nasal septum perforation.

This no longer occurs while using the comfort mode because the moisture of the mucous membranes in the nose is kept intact. This gives the patient a much more pleasant experience when receiving oxygen.

Reduced infection risk

With prolonged O2-therapy humidifiers are used to keep the moisture level of the mucous membranes intact. A disadvantage of the humidifiers is a possible bacterial colonization within the humidifier, which can have serious consequences for the patient.

By using the comfort mode the need for a humidifier expires because the moisture balance is maintained.

Optimized oxygen consumption

The comfort mode can consume up to 75% less oxygen, compared to classic oxygen therapy, while the user’s medical parameters (blood gas values & oxygen saturation) are maintained. The safety and reliability of the comfort mode has been extensively clinically tested.

Own validation of the reduced consumption was performed in different departments in UZA and UZGent. A long-term logging (3-6 months) was performed onthe total consumption of a mixed population (some patients in continuous mode, others in comfort mode). From this data a saving between 33% and 75% could be measured.

This can be partially explained by targeted delivery of oxygen during the inhalation. The inhalation itself takes up one third of the total breathing cycle (one third exhalation, one third rest). During the other two third of the breathing cycle no O2 is delivered.

Automatic closing when patient is absent

The other part is the automatic closing of the comfort mode when the patient is absent due to a medical examination, toilet visit, restaurant, … . This will eliminate waste when the patients are absent.


The Oxypoint Econo-Comfort O2 flowmeter is a hybrid system with a comfort mode as well as a continuous mode.

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Scientific literature

Oxypoint introduces comfort O2-therapy to hospitals and makes the connection to the most relevant discoveries in the literature.

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