Oxypoint embraces the principles of the Innovative Organisation!

Tuesday September 5th, 2017

Because of its ambitious goal to capture the European market in the next few years -while maintaining a nimble organisation- Oxypoint decided to use an innovative working method to build its Human Capital foundation. This working method is based on a combination of deep-personal-intrinsic motivators with an optimisation of the interaction between the team members. For the personal profiling and setting up the optimal interaction, Oxypoint is using the tools and experience of Wouter Van Roost through his company FACTOR+. Under the guidance of FACTOR+, management will be able not only to assemble a high-performance team based on intrinsic motivators and acquired competences, but also maximize the efficiency of the team by making sure that from the very beginning a high-performance type of interaction exists between all the team-members. This way -and in line with other high-performance organisations- Oxypoint strives to substantially outperform its peers in the industry while keeping the operational costs low.

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